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Positive Grid return with Bias FX 2

New amp models, effects and even virtual guitars grace update

Bias FX 2 from Positive Grid.Bias FX 2 from Positive Grid.

Bias FX, the virtual guitar rig software from Positive Grid, got a good review from John Walden in SOS January 2015. The company have now released Bias FX 2, which completely rewrites the DSP engine and user interface, and adds over 100 new modelled amps, pedals, guitar effects and now virtual guitars themselves. The idea of the latter is that you can take away the defining characteristics of your guitar’s sound via processing, and substitute those of an altogether different model instead, right down to parameters like pickup types and body thickness.

The plug‑in is available in three different versions, with increasing numbers of features, modelled tones and equipment in the more expensive versions. The Standard version retails for $99 and the pro version for $199, while the all-encompassing Elite version is $299.

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