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Premium Lyrics connects musicians and wordsmiths on line

Web-based service enables you to license lyrics for music

The site offers lyrics in a variety of styles and languages.The site offers lyrics in a variety of styles and languages.

Elton John famously never had a problem with writing music and melodies, but struggled with lyrics, while starving wordsmith Bernie Taupin had the opposite problem. Put together, they conquered the world of popular music — and now web-based service Premium Lyrics aims to connect musicians with similar talents in the on-line age.

Lyricists can offer their work for licensing at the site, and musicians can search for lyrics by type using style labels, or by rhyme scheme and apply for a licence to use them, either privately, for limited release, or for commercial use (by paying for a full release licence). Currently lyrics are offered in English, German, French and Spanish, and a total of 220 lyricists worldwide are signed up as contributors to the site.

As with all such sites, we'd advise lyricists interested in contributing (and musicians wishing to find lyrics) to thoroughly read the site's online FAQ, just so they're sure what their legal rights and obligations are with respect to compositions and/or licensing via the site — in the same way that you might before using material from a sample library. That said, the concept is an intriguing one and could lead to interesting collaborations. You can find out more at the link below.

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