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PreSonus Eris monitors receive XT upgrade

Both new active models incorporate redesigned bass drivers and a new HF waveguide

The smaller of the two new, larger Presonus Eris XT monitors, the E5XT.The smaller of the two new, larger Presonus Eris XT monitors, the E5XT.

PreSonus's ported nearfield Eris monitors, the E5 and E8, met with praise here in SOS when they were reviewed by Editor-in-Chief Paul White back in October 2013. Now the speakers have been upgraded with the release of the E5XT and E8XT actives. The new models have the same woven Kevlar bass drivers silk-dome tweeter, with built-in Class AB amplification (80W and 140W for the E5XT and E8XT respectively). However, they are physically larger and feature a new waveguide for a wider horizontal dispersion (100˚) and wider sweet spot, and a more focused vertical dispersion (60˚) to minimise early reflections.

Frequency responses of the new monitors  range from 48Hz to 20kHz for the E5XT, and 35Hz to 20kHz for the E8XT, with a maximum output of 102 and 105 dB SPL respectively. Low-cut, mid and high tuning controls allow the response of the speakers to be tailored to suit the room where they are installed, and they will accept line-level audio input on balanced XLR and quarter-inch jacks, or unbalanced RCA (phono) connectors.

Both new Eris models are shipping now. The E5XT retails for $149.95 in the US149 Euros in Europe, the E8XT for $249.95249 Euros (official PreSonus prices for the UK are now in Euros only, although obviously UK dealers will quote Sterling prices based on the Euro price if you contact them).

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