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Publishing house offers free eBooks to SOS readers

Routledge/Focal Press makes sound production texts available until May 19th

Routledge's offer to SOS readers.Routledge's offer to SOS readers.

International publisher Routledge, owner of UK company Focal Press, is making six eBooks available for free to SOS readers until May 19th, all on the subject of audio and sound production. Many of the authors may sound familiar — indeed, many of them are SOS staff or contributors past and present. The six books are: Practical Mastering by Russ Hepworth-Sawyer and Mike Collins, In The Box Music Production by Mike Collins, Audio Processes by David Creasey, Audio Production Tips by Peter Dowsett, Mixing Music by Russ Hepworth-Sawyer and Jay Hodgson, and an ancient tome crafted by a almost-mystical trio of Hobnob-botherers named White, Lockwood and Robjohns... The Studio SOS Book.

All six books may be accessed at the Routledge site via the link below. What's more, any SOS readers ordering printed books (not eBooks) from can claim a 20 percent discount by using the promotional code S026 at the virtual checkout. The discount code is valid until the last day of 2019.

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