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Rode rides out with NTG5 shotgun

New lightweight supercardioid shotgun mic employs design inspired by the recent TF5

Rode's new NTG5 shotgun mic, with the supplied pistol grip and integral shockmount.Rode's new NTG5 shotgun mic, with the supplied pistol grip and integral shockmount.

Rode have announced the NTG5, a new supercardioid location shotgun microphone just 203mm long and 76g in weight, which should bring a sigh of relief to boom operators with tired arms everywhere.

According to Rode, the mic employs a new rugged weather-resistant design competely different to Rode's previous NTG shotguns, with circular acoustic ports along its length instead of the slots found on many shotgun mics (check out the video below). Rode explain that these were inspired by the development of the recently announced TF5 — designed by respected UK recording engineer Tony Faulkner and reviewed in SOS October 2019 — and claim that their inclusion on the NTG5, together with a new perforated acoustic vent design for the mic's capsule results in 'unmatched acoustic transparency' and 'a natural, uncoloured sound'.

We now know that the NTG5 will retail for $499 in the US£449 in the UK, and that included in that price will be various handy accessories, including two types of windshield and a pistol grip handle with integral shockmount, plus a mic clip, audio cable and a zippable storage pouch.

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