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Samplecraze: equalisation explained

21-video course aims to demystify EQ, with theoretical and practical examples

Samplecraze's 21-part EQ Masterclass is available now.Samplecraze's 21-part EQ Masterclass is available now.

Audio production specialists Samplecraze have announced another of their masterclass range of tuition videos, this time a 21-part series on EQ which lasts over four hours in total. As with previous Samplecraze Masterclass releases, the series caters for all potential users of EQ, from total beginners to established producers and all points in between. The videos explain — and demonstrate, with high-quality audio examples — the various kinds of EQ available, the audible effects of different EQ topologies, and when you might want to use these different types. This theoretical advice is followed by more practical examples, with Samplecraze's own Eddie Bazil giving sound-specific examples of good EQ types and settings for vocals, drums, and guitars, as well as dispensing his usual power-user tips and tricks on the way.

Samplecraze's EQ Masterclass costs £24.99 in the UK, and is supplied with a free copy of one of Samplecraze's best-selling eBooks, EQ Uncovered. However, for those quick off the mark, the Masterclass series is currently on sale with a 20-percent discount for £19.99.

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