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Samplecraze get vocal with new masterclass

20 new videos, totalling nearly four hours of vocal-related tutorials, now available for under £25

Samplecraze's Vocal Masterclass series of video tutorials is out now.Samplecraze's Vocal Masterclass series of video tutorials is out now.

Online and video tutorial specialist Samplecraze have turned their attention to vocal production in their latest release, Vocal Masterclass. Comprising 20 videos with a combined runtime of 3 hours 45 minutes, the new release focuses on processing tricks, tips and techniques for producers recording male and female vocals.

Topics covered include preparing and tracking lead vocals and harmonies, applying EQ and dynamics processing, and more advanced processing techniques such as gating and creative use of ducking, dynamics and automation. The examples given are in Samplecraze's usual working styles: EDM, Rock, and Rap, but are designed to be applied to any genre of music.

Vocal Masterclass costs £24.99, but is currently available at a special introductory price of £19.99. Head to:

Samplecraze founder Eddie Bazil also runs The Audio Production Hub, where readers can obtain a 7‑day Free Trial access to all of his superb tutorial videos by visiting:

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