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SampleTank goes 4th

IK Multimedia release major SampleTank upgrade

IK's SampleTank 4 is no incremental upgrade — it features up to 250GB of sounds, a redesigned, fully zoomable GUI, and a new sample engine with a comprehensive modulation matrix and full control over filters and envelopes, plus built-in 'groove players' (an arpeggiator, strummer, pattern and loop player). There are new effects, a redesigned 16-channel Mix window, and a live playback mode, with detailed control of triggering and song preset-loading for use on-stage. The updated software is also designed to integrate with IK's existing iRig hardware keyboard controllers. The new library offers over 200GB of new sounds, including keyboards from classic synths to grand pianos, plus strings, brass, guitars and basses, drums, percussion and choral vocals.

Three versions will be available later in Spring 2019: SampleTank 4 SE, with 30GB of sounds ($149.99£179.99); SampleTank 4, with over 100GB of sounds ($299.99£359.99); and SampleTank 4 MAX, with the full 250GB library and over 8000 sounds ($499.99£599.99).

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