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Scheps and Wells in Stockholm for production seminar, August 5-7

Join two world-class producers on-line or in person for three-day workshop

Producers Andrew Scheps (left) and Greg Wells (right).Producers Andrew Scheps (left) and Greg Wells (right).

Producers and renowned mix engineers Andrew Scheps and Greg Wells are taking part in a three-day production workshop at the amazing Baggpipe Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, from Monday August 5th to Wednesday 7th. The workshop will cover topics including songwriting, production, tracking, and mixing, and provide an opportunity for attendees to have their songs and/or productions critiqued by these masters of the mix.

For those who can't make it to Stockholm in person, it will also be possible to 'attend' for a reduced price via a so-called 'streaming seat' — in other words, taking part via a streaming audio and video connection. Attendance in person (which includes meals) for the three-day seminar costs $1799, while 'streaming seats' are $399 each.

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