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SOS READERS ADS - All Change! New Features: Photos, Links, Bookmarks, Bold, Italic, Unlimited Words and more!

Now integrated into the SOS Forum - for more traffic/visibility

The two SOS Readers Ads new subforums located inside the highly-trafficked SOS FORUM (142,042 registered members currently).The two SOS Readers Ads new subforums located inside the highly-trafficked SOS FORUM (142,042 registered members currently).

From 10th June 2024, it's all change with SOS READERS ADS — it has moved location on the main website and gained lots of much-requested New Features & Functions — it is now a dedicated subforum within the popular SOS FORUM (currently 142,042 registered members and growing).

Start posting 🆘 Readers Ads today:

Scan the QR code to take you directly to the QR code to take you directly to long-established web pages and category pages will be removed immediately and auto-redirected to take you to the new SOS Readers Ads forum. So if you kept bookmarks from the old system, they will still work and take you to the new forum.

Recent adverts you may have posted will disappear so we encourage you to go post them as a New Topic in the SOS Readers Ads forum.

  • You are still required to REGISTER with the website if you are NOT already registered and have an account.
  • Guest posting in the SOS Forum is not permitted — so register/login.

New Features

✅  Unique advert URL - every forum post (advert) has its own direct link and thus can be shared on social channels and easily bookmarked in your browser.

✅  Images / screenshots / photos — insert links to 3rd party hosted image files from your own hosted pics, or insert images from an SOS Review etc, in your advert post (no limit). Note: the SOS Forum does not allow members to upload files directly to the SOS server, for security reasons.

✅  Subscribe to Advert posts — get notified by email whenever anyone replies; just click the email link to jump directly to their reply post.

✅  Titles for your advert — use the forum's large font Topic long headline title.

✅  Unlimited word counts in your advert post  — include as much or as little info/spec as you like!

✅  Email or DM the Seller privately  — use the forum's integrated Private Message [PM] and Email This User functions to contact the gear Seller (topic poster) and the Seller keeps their email totally private. All discussion with the Seller then occurs within PMs or direct via Email if the Seller chooses to reply to your sent email and reveal their email address to you.

✅  Sort adverts in Ascending or Descending date order.

✅  View Adverts within chosen time periods — save these settings in your forum preferences.

✅  SEARCH within the SOS Readers Adverts forum— for whatever gear you are interested in.

How To Access READERS ADS?

We have added a grey navigation bar Button on our Home page (shown highlighted in red in the screenshot below) -- click it to jump directly to the new subforums and bookmark the forum page.

Readers Ads button (highlighted in red) now on the SOS home page grey navigation bar.Readers Ads button (highlighted in red) now on the SOS home page grey navigation bar.

Major Benefits

  • Google and Bing index the SOS site several times per day, and forum posts (ie. your gear/services adverts) may well also show in Google/Bing search results. This did not happen in the old system.
  • Your posted Adverts will appear in one forum, not categorised, just as requested in our last SOS Survey.
  • New advert posts appear at the top.
  • Adverts will self-erase after approximately 30 days — bump the topic by replying yourself if your gear is not sold — no need to re-submit your advert monthly. 👍
  • Discuss these For Sale / Wanted / Services advert in public,with other SOS Forum members — we strongly encourage the Seller to respond to queries to gain a quick sale.

Start posting 🆘 Readers Ads today:

TIP: you can cut and paste your existing published Readers' Ads from your MY ADS [My Account] area when logged in.


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