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SOS Technical Editor regenerates with Doctorate

Hugh Robjohns awarded an honorary Doctor of Technology

SOS's fully regenerated Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns — now truly Doctor Hugh.SOS's fully regenerated Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns — now truly Doctor Hugh.
In a ceremony on Thursday 25th July, the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) conferred our own Technical Editor, Hugh Robjohns, as an Honorary Doctor of Technology in recognition of his service to the public understanding of science and technology.

Vice-Chancellor of UWE Bristol, Professor Steve West said, “We are extremely proud to confer Honorary Degrees on five exceptional individuals in our summer graduation ceremonies this year. Every single one of them has demonstrated true leadership, skill, and visionary thinking to make an incredible and lasting impact in their areas of work, and I know that they will inspire and encourage our graduates as they take their first steps into their chosen careers.”

Hugh commented, “It is an enormous honour and a very great privilege to be recognised in this way, and I very much look forward to closer collaboration with the University and its students studying on Music Technology and Broadcast courses in the future. What's more, a childhood dream has come true — to be Doctor Hugh!"

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