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Spectrasonics' Omnisphere now even 'omnier' with v2.6

600 new patches, enhanced arpeggiator & hardware synth support included in free upgrade

Announcing Omnisphere v2.6 from Spectrasonics...Announcing Omnisphere v2.6 from Spectrasonics...

Registered users of Spectrasonics' soft-synth Omnisphere 2 can now claim their free upgrade to version 2.6. Along with adding 600 new patches and a revamped, fully-featured arpeggiator whose output can be captured as MIDI data, v2.6 also significantly broadens the number of hardware synths that can be used as control surfaces for the software to 65 in total. Alesis's Andromeda, Behringer's Deepmind, Roland's D50, Juno 106 and Super Jupiter and various modelled analogue synths from Access, Clavia and Korg are among those for which support has been added.

The hardware synth integration feature makes Omnisphere more approachable by reconfiguring the software to resemble the connected hardware on-screen, and make the software instrument respond to adjustments on the real synth just as the hardware does — so if you know your hardware synth inside out, you can drive Omnisphere immediately. And of course, when operating via these profiles, Omnisphere adds many features that the original hardware synths didn't always have, like polyphony when being controlled from monophonic synths, or extra LFOs and modulation facilities not present on the original hardware. The full list of supported hardware can be found at the link below. That's what we call an upgrade, especially as it's free — perhaps Spectrasonics should rename it Omniersphere...?

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