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Sub-$3K Ocean Way speakers

HR5 is OWA's most affordable monitor yet

Ocean Way Audio's most affordable pro monitor yet, the HR5.Ocean Way Audio's most affordable pro monitor yet, the HR5.

Ocean Way Audio (OWA) have been building their distinctive studio monitors for many years now, but their systems have always remained out of the reach of smaller project studios; their most affordable system, the Pro2A, retails for $3750 per pair, while their larger systems, such as the HR3.5, have cost many times that. The new two-way HR5 (left), launched at NAMM and shipping now, is the company’s first monitor to sell for under $3000 per pair (two HR5s without a subwoofer cost $2800 in the US). However, according to OWA, the HR5 retains the low distortion and large sweet spot of its larger siblings, with 100 degrees of sonically consistent horizontal dispersion and a response that extends down to 45Hz without help from a sub. Note: OWA remain without a distributor in the UK at the moment, so all sales have to be arranged directly with the company HQ in the USA, and the prices quoted here do not include trans-Atlantic shipping or UK import duties.

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