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Summit: Novation’s twin Peaks

Bi-timbral 16-voice keyboard polysynth gets an early showing at Superbooth 2019

Novation's new Summit, which debuted the night before Superbooth 2019 opened.Novation's new Summit, which debuted the night before Superbooth 2019 opened.

The Peak table‑top synth module (reviewed in SOS May 2017) won Novation serious praise for its combination of digital oscillators and analogue filters with an approachable user interface. The company describe their new Summit, which was given an early public showing the night before Superbooth 2019 opened in Berlin, as “two Peaks in one instrument”, and indeed the new synth is bi-timbral and 16-voice polyphonic instead of monotimbral and eight-note polyphonic like the Peak. It also uses the same Peak-like architecture of three digital FPGA-generated oscillators per sound plus analogue amplifiers and filters, with supplementary distortion, effects, an arpeggiator and flexible modulation options.

However, there’s more to the Summit than twinned Peaks: for a start, the new polysynth has a 61-note keyboard (across which its two possible timbres can be layered or split) and many more real-time front-panel controls than the Peak (including expanded control sections for the LFOs, the creation of FM tones, and adjustment of the three built-in chorus, delay and reverb effects). There are also independent dual filters (switchable between low-, high- and band-pass modes) that can be applied to each active timbre, and an audio input which accesses the effects engine for external audio processing, while still allowing the other voice to be used as a synth.

The Summit’s price isn’t yet confirmed, but it’s expected to come in at around £2000. Development is ongoing and it will probably not reach shops until late Summer.

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