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SynthFest UK — Dubreq Stylophone Gen R-8

New Stylophone finds favour with the modular crowd in Sheffield

Amazingly, it's well over 10 years since Dubreq returned with a new version of the original Stylophone, and over seven years since their launch of the more fully featured Stylophone S2, which was a fully voltage-controllable synthesizer. The new desktop Gen R-8, launched at SynthFest UK 2019 in Sheffield last weekend, continues the expansion of the original electronic toy into a fully fledged performance synth, adding a three-octave touch-sensitive keyboard, real-time controls for the oscillators, filters, ADSR envelope and LFO, built-in Drive and Delay, a 16-step sequencer, MIDI and CV/Gate patch points for easy integration into CV-driven systems. SOS Features Editor Sam Inglis was suitably impressed in our video interview.

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