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SynthFest UK — Korg NTS1 & Volca Nubass

Two new Korg minisynths get their first UK showing in Sheffield

The new miniature digital kit synth from Korg, the NTS1.The new miniature digital kit synth from Korg, the NTS1.

SOS News Editor Matt Bell first saw prototypes of the £99$140 Korg NTS1 digital kit synth and Volca Nubass at Superbooth in the Spring this year (see the videos of that first encounter here and here), but now both mini-synths been finished and are shipping. Luke from Korg UK showed us the finished articles at SynthFest UK — see the video interview below.

The micro-USB-powered NTS1 manages to pack in synth and multi-effects engines and a flexible arpeggiator, and will run any custom oscillators or effects developed for the Minilogue or Prologue XD, from which its single digital oscillator, multimode filter and envelope are derived. With MIDI in and sync I/O, it’s designed to be run alongside other hardware or software as an accompaniment module or sync’ed effects processor. The Volca Nubass, meanwhile, is the first valve-based synth member of the Volca series of miniature battery-powered sound-makers, and comes with the usual 16-step sequencer.

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