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SynthFest UK — Yamaha salute 45 years of synths in Sheffield

SOS checks out Yamaha's vintage synth collection — see the video from the show!

The new Montage 8 in white livery. (Before you ask, it's actually a Montage 6 in white we saw at SynthFest in the video below!)The new Montage 8 in white livery. (Before you ask, it's actually a Montage 6 in white we saw at SynthFest in the video below!)

Yamaha have announced OS upgrades for their recent CP keyboards and Montage and ModX workstation synths, as well as a new white colour scheme for the top‑of‑the‑range Montage. The new white Montage, together with its upgraded OS, was on display at the SynthFest UK exhibition in Sheffield on October 5th, along with a variety of vintage instruments dating right back to the dawn of the Yamaha synth division in 1974 — as you can see in the video below shot at the show.

Visitors were even able to get their hands on what many have described as the best analogue polysynth of all time, the CS80 — see below for an interview with Pete Banks, founder of the band After The Fire, who has owned the CS80 Yamaha were exhibiting at SynthFest UK since 1978 and very kindly agreed to talk to us at the show about it and his use of it on the road over many years.

Returning to the present day, the new OS for the CP73/88 digital pianos (v1.2) adds 30 new sounds and a wider range of destinations to which foot controllers and modulation levers may be applied, while Montage OS v3.0 and ModX v2.0 add a 16-track pattern sequencer, audio‑frequency LFO modulation capabilities, built-in analogue-modelled ‘Boost‘ EQ processing, and 24dB/octave synth filters.

The upgrades were announced during celebrations held in Japan to commemorate 45 years since the founding of Yamaha’s synth division in September 1974. The public were invited to join in via a live social stream of the event, which included video retrospectives of the market-changing products created over the years, such as the original monophonic Yamaha SY1, the monumental CS80 polysynth, and the mighty DX7. Some of the content can still be accessed online via the link below.

The new white Montage 6, 7 and 8 (below) are available immediately, priced at £3182$3499, £3829$3999 and £4327$4499 respectively.

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