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Trinnov do Dante (and AES67)

Loudspeaker processors talk to more audio standards

One of Trinnov's MC-HCC high-channel count processors.

Adding to their products' existing ability to operate over MADI, Trinnov Audio have announced compatibility with the AES67 and Dante audio networking protocols for their MC-HCC (High Channel Count) range of loudspeaker/room optimisation processors aimed at large multi-channel listening rooms and immersive soundstages. The MC-HCC range can all handle up to 64 channels of loudspeaker optimisation processing, and now consists of three processors:

  • the MC-HCC-AES 67, which operates using the Ravenna audio protocol and is furnished with two dedicated network ports with redundancy for full AES67/SMPTE 2110-30 compatibility (and also with Dante when operating in AES67-compatible mode);
  • the MC-HCC-Dante, which is dedicated to operation using the Audinate Dante protocol (with AES67 compatibility), and is also furnished with two dedicated network ports with redundancy;
  • and the previously released MC-HCC-MADI, which operates over MADI optical or MADI co-axial (BNC) connectors.

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