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Trio11 Be: Focal’s new flagship

Premium three-way nearfields are due in March

Focal's new flagship monitor, the Trio11Be, announced at NAMM 2019.Focal's new flagship monitor, the Trio11Be, announced at NAMM 2019.
Focal Professional’s new top-of-the-range monitor, the Trio11 Be, was unveiled during NAMM 2019. A three-way design capable of reproducing frequencies from 30Hz to 40kHz and maximum SPLs of up to 118dB at 1m, the Trio11 Be has a five-inch mid-range driver (rotatable in 90-degree increments for vertical or horizontal use), a 10‑inch, high‑excursion woofer and Focal’s usual inverted beryllium dome tweeter. The monitor also incorporates a range of newly developed distortion-reduction technologies, including what Focal refer to as an NIC, or Neutral Inductance Circuit, to ensure a stable, uniform magnetic field in the mid-range driver, and tuned mass dampers on its surround, which minimise unwanted noisy resonances.

Like its predecessor the Trio6 Be, The Trio11 Be is also usable in so-called Focus mode as a two-way monitor, in which case only the woofer and tweeter are driven. This feature, which can be activated and deactivated by a connected footswitch, allows users to gain a sense of the likely response on more limited two-way reproduction systems for mix-checking purposes. Finished in dark-red ash-burr-veneer, the Trio11 Be retails for $7998£6199 a pair. Sam Inglis of Team SOS paid a visit to Focal at NAMM on the stand of their US distributor, Focal Naim America, to find out more, as you can see in the video below.

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