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Vanguard show off the V7

Premium FET mic stands out at NAMM

Vanguard's new V7 FET multi-capsule, multi-pattern mic on the company's stand at NAMM.Vanguard's new V7 FET multi-capsule, multi-pattern mic on the company's stand at NAMM.

The Vanguard V7 is a premium FET, multi-pattern, multi-capsule mic, designed, assembled and tested in California to what are clearly very high standards, following an SOS viewing of the mic's internals on the Vanguard stand at NAMM. Much of the machining and design, and the transformer-coupled solid-state circuitry, is unique to the V7, including a patented interchangeable capsule system which allows for different capsule styles, sizes, and voicings that can operate in any of nine selectable polar patterns. Controls are limited to a switchable 140Hz/70Hz rolloff and -10/-20dB pad. The mic ships in a pinewood box with a shockmount, dust sleeve and locking case with space for extra capsule heads. Of course, to reverse a well-known phrase, you pay for what you get; the V7 is current anticipated to ship in early Summer for somewhere around the $2000 mark in the USthe £2000 mark in the UK. We look forward to testing one soon.

Features Editor Sam Inglis returned to the Vanguard stand after our initial visit, this time with the SOS video team, to shoot an interview with Derek Bargaehr, Vanguard's CEO or "Chief Everything Officer" about the background to the company, its design philosophy, and how this has affected the creation of the new V7 — see below.

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