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Yamaha announce latest Stagepas PA

Stagepas PA includes portable array speaker, subwoofer and built-in mixer and processing

The disassembled Stagepas 1k system.The disassembled Stagepas 1k system.

The latest addition to Yamaha's convenient series of portable PA systems for gigging musicians and DJs is the Stagepas 1K. Comprising a pole-shaped active array loudspeaker and subwoofer which pack down into an included fabric carrying case (shown at the bottom of this article), the system includes a built-in mixer and processing, and can be controlled from a smartphone via an iOS/Android app. Setup looks straightforward, involving simply inserting the array speaker into the top of the subwoofer, and supplying power. Two 'spacers' are included in the package to raise the height of the array above the sub; the system works with two spacers inserted, one or none, depending on how far the amplified audio needs to be projected.

The active array speaker comprises modified versions of 10 of the 1.5-inch neodymium drivers used in Yamaha's VXL line array speakers. Together, these provide 170 degrees of HF coverage. The system's low end is handled by the 12-inch subwoofer, which is powered together with the array by a built-in 1kW power amp (hence the system's name).

System inputs and controls are located at the back of the subwoofer. There are three mono mic/line audio inputs, two of which are high-impedance inputs for guitars, plus an additional line-level stereo input which can also be addressed via Bluetooth for the playback of backing tracks or a pre-gig playlist from a phone. A simple interface allows users to choose appropriate reverb, EQ and compression settings from the built-in SPX processor; a single knob with just a few key settings is available for each. For greater coverage or power output, two Stagepas 1K systems can be linked, with output possible in mono or stereo as required; when operating in mono the combined system thus offers six inputs and two stereo inputs.

The Stagepas 1K system will be available in the early Autumn. Pricing has not yet been set worldwide.

The system ships with this handy carry case, and an optional dolly can also be fitted underneath at extra cost (as pictured here).The system ships with this handy carry case, and an optional dolly can also be fitted underneath at extra cost (as pictured here).

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