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Emu Systems EIIIX Sound Library

Sample CD Buyer's Guide
Published January 2000


Vns, Vas, Ces: marc.

Dbs: marc, trem.

Vn sus.

Db (M): sus, stc, piz.


Cla [3]: sus, sus (ff & mf).

Ob [2], Cor: sus (all St).

Pic, Flt, Ob, Ehn, Cla, Bcla, Bsn, Cbsn (all M): sus.


Tpts: sus, sus mt.

Tbns: sus (ff & mf).

6 Fhns: sus.

Tpt: sus (ff & mf), wah growls.

Tpt (M): sus mt <3>.

Tmbn: sus (ff & mf), sus vb.

Fhn: sus (ff & mf), sus, sus stp.

Tba, Flg: sus.

Soprano, Alto & Baritone saxes (M).


Bells, Celeste, Glk, Tmp, Tub, Xyl.


BD, Bells, Tbl (M), Tri (M).


Gls: dim, major 6, dominant 7th (all up & down).

Comments: The fellow who prepared Frank Zappa's latter‑day orchestral scores used to check the parts on an Emu Proteus 2 sound module. This handy orchestra‑in‑a‑box had one big advantage over the competition (not that there was much at the time): the sustaining instruments were all looped, and, in the great Emu tradition, every sample was perfectly in tune! The masters of the sounds used in the Proteus 2 are preserved for antiquity on this CD‑ROM, and some are very good indeed. Piano, harpsichord, rock crash cymbals and hi‑hat are also included, but they lie beyond the scope of this roundup.

Standouts: Dammit, those French horns still sound mighty noble.

Quibbles: Bring back the solo oboe from the original Emulator!

Contact: Emu Systems UK.

£ Emu EIIIX‑format CD‑ROM £75.