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Malcolm Toft Punishr | Audio Examples

These audio examples accompany my SOS June 2023 review of the Punishr analogue harmonic distortion 500-series module by Malcolm Toft. I’ve provided before (unprocessed clips) and after (processed using the Punishr) examples, and described the settings I used, and how I arrive at these sounds.

Download the ZIP file for 24-bit WAVs to audition in your own DAW.

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01_Drum Loop_RAW

A drum loop, with no processing applied.

02_Drum Loop_Punishr

A good example of the Punishr being used to heavily distort a drum loop before ‘backing things off’ for a more usable result. The Symmetrical and Transformer distortion options were set at around 1 o’clock, with the asymmetrical setting fully cranked. The EQ was used to filter out some low and high extremes with the wet/dry control set to around 70% wet.

03_Drum Loop2_RAW

A different drum loop.

04_Drum Loop2_Punishr

A more extreme example, with the Symmetrical and Transformer controls both fully cranked. The sum control is engaged and the signal is fully ‘wet’. The EQ is being used to bring back a little of the top end.

05_Bass Guitar_RAW

A clean DI bass guitar part.

06_Bass Guitar_Punishr

Leaning mostly on the transformer distortion here, the Punishr is used to create a ‘fuzzed out’ bass sound. I’ve left it quite extreme for this example but the wet/dry control is an easy route to a more subtle variation on this effect, that would help the bass cut through a busy mix.

07_Electric guitar_RAW

A picked electric guitar part.

08_Electric Guitar_Punishr

In this example, I used the Punishr more conservatively, to add definition to the guitar. It worked very well in the mix. The EQ is being used to brighten the guitar whilst removing some low-end. The saturation control is at 12 o’clock and with just a touch of the Symmetrical distortion.