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Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp II | Media

Guitar Amp Modelling Plug-in By Jon Burton
Published March 2011

These audio files accompany the Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp II article in SOS March 2011.

Here are some audio examples of VGA II in action. We recorded a Gretsch Duo Jet guitar that was to hand directly into Logic, via a Metric Halo interface. We bounced each clip with the VGA II plug‑in inserted on the channel. As there are many different sounds available, we just chose four we liked the names of to give a taster of the palette that VGA II has to offer. The clean sound is entitled 'Chief Clean', which we felt had a nice ring to it. We then chose a slightly more coloured 'Vox Crunch', a 'British Crunch', and to follow, a 'Supercharged Lead'. I then spent a few minutes dialling in a sound I thought suited each clip, changing cabinets and levels to match. No more than a few minutes was spent on each clip, as I believe one of the strengths of the plug‑in is its ability to deliver a reasonable sound quickly and easily.

Download | 43 MB

During this brief experiment, it was the changing of the cabinets that produced the greatest variations. I must admit that, in a purely partisan way, I did tend towards anything called British or Vintage... but that's just me. Many thanks to Martin Smith of MU Studios at The Laundry Rooms for the playing, and the tea and biscuits.