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Tree Audio The Branch | Media

Audio files to accompany the article. By Hannes Bieger
Published September 2014

These files accompany Tree Audio The Branch article in the September 2014 issue of SOS.


The first two examples show how the preamp is reacting on different microphones: The first take was recorded with a vintage Neumann U67, the second one with a Neumann KM184 small-diaphragm capacitor mic. We have chosen the much rounder and more dense U67 signal to illustrate the signal processing capabilities of the channel strip. Various EQ settings help to sweeten and enhance the already great-sounding pure recording, and the compressor effectively helps to tame the transients and achieve a thicker result with more average volume. Note how the compressor alters the high-frequency response and how the side-chain filter in the last sound file cures the slightly accentuated sibilance of the previous pass.

01: Neumann U67

02: Neumann KM184

03: U67, +2dB @ 400 Hz, +4 dB @ 10kHz

04: U67, +2 dB @ 400 Hz, +4 dB @ 16kHz

05: U67, +2 dB @ 400 Hz, +2 dB @ 16kHz, Comp in

06: U67, +2 dB @ 400 Hz, +2 dB @ 16kHz, Comp in, SC Filter in


The Branch shines on bass as well. In this sound example a slight boost at 50Hz adds even more weight and bottom end to the signal. And, again, the compressor section increases volume for a more dense signal.

01: Original

02: +2dB @ 50 Hz

03: +2dB @ 50 Hz, Comp in

04: +2dB @ 50 Hz, Comp in, SC Filter in

Download | 36 MB