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SAE Institute Students | SOS Subscription Offer

January 2023 Print+Digital IssueJanuary 2023 Print+Digital Issue

Get a massive Educational discount on your SOS Print+Digital sub! SIGN UP TODAY

As a student of SAE Institute, you will be keen to develop your audio production skills and make your mark on the music/audio industry of the future.

Give yourself a competitive edge by reading the same magazine that the hit producers and mix engineers read, and learn how they craft their recordings and what gear they use.

Sign up today and we will ship you the next 12 monthly 'Print' magazines at the low price shown below for your postal region. Plus, we are bundling a bonus 'Digital' sub which gives you Tablet and Web access, plus our Full Issue PDF download.  

So now you can log in and read all the premium locked articles on our web site and download Tablet editions to your iPad or Android tablet, or download and open the Full Issue PDF on tablet, computer desktop or smartphone.

Region YOU PAY Normal Subs Rate YOU SAVE Promo Code
UK 45 GBP £69 UK Edition Save £24 GBP SAEUK
Europe EU 50* GBP £81.00 UK Edition* Save £31.00* GBP SAEEU
Australasia 60 GBP £82.50 UK Edition Save £22.50 GBP SAEAU
USA/Canada** 48 USD $87.50 US Edition Save $39.50 USD** SAEUSC
Rest Of World 60 GBP £82.50 UK Edition Save £22.50 GBP SAEROW
  • * Final price may vary in EU countries due to local VAT differences.
  • ** The USA newsstand price of 12 USA print magazines is: $ 11.99 x 12 = $ 143.88


  • Go to
  • Add the Print+Digital subs product to your Shopping Cart and go to Checkout. (Note: please do not add a Gift Sub.)
  • If you are not logged in or don't have an account, you will be prompted at this step to create one.
  • Once logged in, go to the Checkout (2nd page) and add the PROMO CODE that matches your geographic region into the box, eg. if you live in the USA, enter SAEUSC — if you are in Spain, enter the SAEEU code.
    The PROMO CODE box looks like this:

    Subs Promo Code box
  • Apply the code, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and the price will update to the reduced Offer price indicated for your region.
  • Complete the remaining Checkout steps and pay with your credit/debit card or PayPal.
  • Once complete, you will receive a confirmation of order email with further information about your subscription.

Already a SAE Institute SOS Subscriber?

  • After your first year subscription, you will have the option to renew your subscription to our Digital bundle (Tablet+Web+Full Issue PDF) or to our Print+Digital deal at the auto-renew price.
  • Always log in before adding the sub to your Cart to see the discounted prices.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only one SAE Institute educational discount subscription per SAE Student is allowed at any one time.
  • This offer shall not be run in conjunction with any other subscription offer.
  • Offer applicable only to registered Students undertaking a recognised course at SAE or SAE online course.
  • The SOS Publications Group reserves the right to suspend your subscription should we later discover that you are not a legitimate SAE Student. If this happens, you will be contacted and offered an alternatively-priced subscription.
  • Please Note: Our web store does not permit you to buy or renew a subscription if you already have 24 months remaining on your existing subscription period.