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Article Series

Below you will find all our Article Series.


Giving Your MIDI Tracks A Live Feel

(2 articles)

Programming tips and analysis to help you get the very best from your MIDI compositions.

Drawmer's ever-popular DS201 dual noise gate.

Advanced Gating Techniques

(2 articles)


How To Understand & Write Song Lyrics

(5 articles)

Fancy yourself as another Bernie Taupin or Sir Tim Rice? SOS Editor In Chief Sam Inglis delivers his 5-part series for budding songwriters and wordsmiths, providing useful compositional techniques and insight into the craft of lyric-writing that is hard to find elsewhere.

EMS VCS3 synthesizer.

All About EMS

(2 articles)

A look at the history and achievements of this pioneering British manufacturer.


Monitors Demystified

(2 articles)

A 2-part series explaining what factors affect the design and performance of monitor speakers.


An Introduction To mLAN

(4 articles)

Back in the early noughties, before the Thunderbolt protocol appeared, Yamaha and other electronic music equipment makers, put their full weight behind mLAN — a new interfacing standard which can carry digital audio, MIDI, timecode and hard drive communications down a single cable — in the hope it would become as ubiquitous as MIDI and solve communication bottlenecks in the modern studio environment. Read our series to learn its history, implementation and its fate...


Stereo Editing

(3 articles)


Enhanced CD Format

(2 articles)


Synth FX

(3 articles)

It's hard to believe there was ever a time when synthesizers did not come with zillions of built-in effects processors and treatments to enhance the innate raw sound of the synthesis engine available, but there was! Discover the history and gain valuable advice on making the most of onboard effects.


Creative Sampling

(2 articles)

Nicholas Rowland's brief 2-part series exploring ways to sample creatively.


Digital Audio: How It Works

(9 articles)


Synth School

(10 articles)


Effective Drum Programming

(4 articles)

The purpose of this 4-part series is to look at some of the basic principles of drum programming as the inspiration for creating your own loops. 


Clavia Nord Modular

(2 articles)


Making Arrangements

(4 articles)


Where To Use Processors & Why

(6 articles)

Paul White's essential guide.


Practical Drum Miking

(2 articles)

Read about the way a drum kit works and the factors which influence how it's miked up and recorded. And if you're ever called upon to mike up or record a kit, perhaps you'll approach it with less trepidation after having read this short series.


Multi-effects Explained

(5 articles)

5-part series exploring the modern effects processor and how it can be applied in your mixes.


Korg Trinity Series

(2 articles)


MIDI Basics

(5 articles)

Paul White's explainer guide to the most important parameters and functions you need to grasp to make the most of MIDI.