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June 2021 Edition


Reviews: 100 Plug-ins Every Engineer Should Try (front cover) • Audient iD4 & iD14 MkII interfaces • GForce OB-E soft synth • Kali Audio IN-5 monitors • Focal Clear MG Professional headphones • Acustica Audio Sienna • Merging Anubis+ Music Mission interface • iZotope Spire Studio 2nd Gen • Erica Synths Black Sequencer • Norand Mono synth/sequencer • PreSonus DM-7 drum mic kit • Antelope VEQ-432C mastering EQ plug-in • Slate Digital FG-2A comp plug-in • Yamaha DTX6 electronic drum kit • Remic Classic stringed instrument mics • Golden Gear: Beyer Ribbon Mics • Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings library — and plenty more!

Techniques + People: John Foxx • Danalogue • (MPE) MIDI Polyphonic Expression explained • Inside Track: Burna Boy 'Time Flies' • How to succeed as an Online Session Musician • Mix Management — plus Cubase, Studio One, Live, Logic & Pro Tools DAW workshops.