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Q. How should I split my guitar signal for recording?

By Hugh Robjohns
Published November 2020

All you need to split a guitar signal for recording is a humble DI box!All you need to split a guitar signal for recording is a humble DI box!

I want to split the output from my Gretsch electric guitar, to feed both a Boss Acoustic Singer combo and a computer audio interface. The idea is to record the output from the Boss amp, with its effects, separately from the guitar signal, with or without any pedals I might use. I think I need a one‑in/two‑out splitter and I like Radial products, so what would you recommend?

SOS Forum post

SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns replies:

It seems to me that a standard active DI box will do that job nicely. Plug the output of the guitar (or the last effects pedal) into the DI box. The balanced mic‑level output from the DI should be connected to a mic input channel on your interface, while the Link output should connect to the combo input. Then connect the amp’s DI/line outputs to line inputs of your interface for the amp signals (or mike the amp!).

If you are wedded to Radial products, the J48 DI is good and is the obvious choice, but there are plenty of good active DI boxes from other manufacturers too.

Published November 2020