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Bigger, Badder Electric Guitar: Audio Files

Hear For Yourself By Jack Ruston
Published January 2009

These audio files complement the article 'Bigger, Badder Electric Guitars' by Jack Ruston in SOS January 09. The audio file titles should be self-explanatory.

All Mics Blend Audio icon allmicsblend.mp3 File allmicsblend.wav

Beyer M160 Audio icon beyerm160.mp3 File beyerm160.wav

Beyer MC740 Audio icon beyermc740.mp3 File beyermc740.wav

Electrovoice RE20 Audio icon electrovoicere20.mp3 File electrovoicere20.wav

Sennheiser 441 Audio icon sennheiser441.mp3 File sennheiser441.wav

Three Mic Blend Audio icon threemicblend.mp3 File threemicblend.wav

White Noise To Cancellation Audio icon whitenoisetocancellation.mp3 File whitenoisetocancellation.wav

White Noise To Reinforcement Audio icon whitenoisetoreinforcement.mp3 File whitenoisetoreinforcement.wav