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Sound On Sound's feature-rich Tablet edition contains all the editorial content of the world-renowned print magazine, enhanced with audio and other interactive content.*

This is a fully bespoke App, specifically developed to optimise the reading and viewing experience within the
e-reader medium — no scrolling/zooming required just to read a page of text!

The Sound On Sound App for Tablets is free to download and will enable you to view our Free Trial Issue and purchase either single copies or a 12-month subscription.

  • Zoom into selected screens and pictures
  • Navigate via overview, sidebar, contents page or just browse
  • Hear the 'before' and 'after' Mix Rescue tracks via the integral media player
  • Bookmark your Favourite pages/articles
  • Fully web-linked, when used with an active internet connection
  • Tablet Subs bought via the SOS shop can be viewed on up to 3 devices across a mix of iPad and Android
  • And much, much more!


Where can I download the SOS app?
You can download the App from the Apple App Store,Apple App Store. Google Play StoreGoogle Play Store, Amazon AppstoreAmazon Appstore.

What's in the Tablet edition?
Watch our YouTube video. The App includes all the content of the print issue of Sound On Sound magazine, enhanced with interactive screens/pictures and audio — further interactive content will be added in the coming months*. (The video demonstrates the iPad version but the feature set is consistent across all tablets.)

Do the issues expire?
No. Once you purchase an issue you will have access to it for as long as you keep the app — even if your subscription lapses. You can choose to Archive any issue(s) and load them back onto your Tablet at a later date.

Is there any benefit in subscribing via SOS Shop?
Yes. You can purchase a 12-month subscription at the great price of £30.00$40.00, which saves you money.

You can purchase the Tablet subscription on its own or as part of a bundle along with Print and/or Web access. Go to the Subscriptions Dept for prices.

Is the Sound On Sound App available for Smartphones or iPods?
The App is currently only available on iPad and Android tablets.

For any more questions or comments about our app, feel free to email

*The amount of interactive content may vary from month to month.
The above screens are for illustration purposes only and are not necessarily related to cover month date. Click here to view the full contents list of the current month.



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