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Sound On Sound available on the iPad and iPhone

SOS App for Tablet and Smartphone

Download the FREE 'Sound On Sound' App

(Note the Apple site will detect your location and provide either the UK App for UK, Europe, ROW or the US App for USA, Canada and The Americas)

Apple App Store Badge

Apple App Store Badge

Single issues are available only as an 'in-app purchase' via the Apple App Store (SOS does not currently sell single issues directly to Apple device users).

Download our free November 2020 issue to test compatibility. This works on smartphone and tablet.

  • The Tablet app contains back issues going right back to January 2012, when we launched the original app.
  • Back issues are not part of your subscription and need to be bought. Only issues that fall within your 12-issue subs period are included.
  • The Smartphone app was launched in January 2021 and its back issues only go back to the November 2020 issue. There are no plans to make older issues available on the smartphone app as it is a mammoth task to re-make them in the new format.

For a 12-issue subscription purchase from our Subscription Department — this is the only way you can buy a 'bundle' multi-format subscription, eg. Digital (Tablet+Web+PDF+Replica) or Print+Digital subscriptions.

  • Standalone Tablet subscriptions purchased directly via Apple do not include access to other SOS services: web articles, Full Issue PDF download, etc. This is because Apple do not pass on their customer info to sync with our database.

Sound On Sound's feature-rich Tablet / Smartphone edition contains all the editorial content of the world-renowned print magazine, enhanced with audio and other interactive content.*

  • Pinch-Zoom any image or advert.
  • Navigate via contents page or just swipe to browse
  • Listen to audio tracks via the integral media player
  • Works on iPad and iPhone
  • View in Portrait or Lanscape mode
  • Coded in HTML5 for fast performance that resizes to any device
  • Fully web-linked, when used with an active internet connection
  • And much, much more!



Where can I download the SOS app?

You can download the current version 15.0 App from the Apple App StoreApple App Store.

What's in the Tablet edition?

The tablet App includes all the content of the print issue of Sound On Sound magazine, enhanced with interactive screens/pictures and audio. *

Is my iOS device compatible?

The app is compatible with iOS: 12.0 or higher.

Do the issues expire?

No. Once you purchase an issue you will have access to it for as long as you keep the app. You can choose to Archive any issue(s) and load them back onto your Tablet at a later date. NOTE: Only issues from November 2020 or newer will work on the iPhone app.

Is there any benefit in subscribing via the SOS Shop?

Yes. You can purchase the Digital (Tablet+Web+PDF) subscription on its own or as part of a bundle along with Print. You can also install the tablet app on up to 5 different devices. Go to the Subscriptions Dept for prices.

Is the Sound On Sound App available for the iPhone?

Yes, it also works on iPad Pro and iPad Mini.

For more questions or comments about our app, feel free to contact us via the App support page.

* The amount of interactive content may vary from month-to-month and this affects the download file size.

The above screens are for illustration purposes only and are not necessarily related to cover month date. Click here to view the full contents list of the current magazine.