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Samar VL37

Passive Ribbon Microphone
Published January 2017
By Hugh Robjohns

Ribbon mics have long been associated with a subdued high-frequency response — but this classy example bucks the trend.

Samar Audio Design are a boutique American company based in Salt Lake City, set up by a Russian-born electronics engineer by the name of Dr Mark Fouxman, who also happens to be a classical concert pianist. He has had an interest in audio electronics from an early age, building tape recorders and valve amplifiers, as well as electrostatic and ribbon loudspeakers, so it’s not really surprising that he went on to become a recording engineer.

Samar VL37 ribbon microphone.However, it is really the convergence of all these interests and skills that lead to his becoming involved in handcrafting bespoke microphones, and it was from these beginnings that Fouxman set up Samar Audio Design. And he doesn’t just make microphones; today, he also makes his own hand-wound toroidal audio transformers which he uses in his own mics, and also sells to several other boutique manufacturers and “enthusiastic mic modifiers”.

Samar Audio’s Design ethos is...

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Published January 2017