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Zoom U-44

USB Audio Interface
Published June 2017
By Barry Watson

The U44 with the optional EXH6 preamp attachment.The U44 with the optional EXH6 preamp attachment.

More than just an interface, Zoom’s U-44 is expandable via a range of snap-on accessories.

The U-44 is designed with portability and versatility in mind. It’s a four-in/four-out interface with a range of analogue and digital connections, although unusually, only two analogue inputs are available straight out of the box. A range of snap-on accessories originally intended for Zoom’s H-series field recorders allow a number of additional options for the remaining two analogue inputs. These include X-Y and M-S stereo microphones, a shotgun microphone and a dual mic preamp. The U-44’s form factor shares similarities with a field recorder too; the interface is pitched towards project studios and live/mobile recording, paired with a laptop or iPad, but will perhaps win friends in the location sound industry too. In this review we’ll take a look at the U-44 and two of the optional input accessories. In addition, two smaller Zoom...

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Published June 2017