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Drum room

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Drum room

Postby Harrl36 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:18 pm

Hi all hoping that someone can give me some advice I've built a drum room in my cellar using acoustic insulation and double acoustic boarding I'm still getting Vibrations I've done a bit of research on acoustic foam tiles rang a company near me me and they said to go on this website to get advice when you are talking it Echoes and when you play play the kick drum it vibrates the drums please I hope someone can help me as this is the last stage of the build the measurements is 5 ft long by 5-ft wide and roughly about 6-ft high.
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Re: Drum room

Postby Sam Spoons » Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:23 pm

Hi and welcome.

Two things spring to mind, what is the construction of the floor (is it the original floor or have you built a 'room within a room')? If the floor is chipboard or ply on battens there's a good chance it will vibrate and pass those vibrations on to the other drums, an original solid floor (mine were brick but have been replaced with concrete) probably won't pass vibrations. You can improve this with a dense sound deadening underlay but how effective that will be I couldn't say.

Second thing is reflections off the walls and the ceiling, foam tiles are a pretty poor solution as they are usually too thin to be effective at all but the highest frequencies, much better are rockwool panels but given the size of your room I'm not sure you'll have space as you'll need at least 2" of rockwool spaced off the wall/ceiling by another 2" for it to be effective and it will do nothing to mitigate structure borne resonance or low frequencies*. Also your room is so small you don't have any opportunity to move the kit around to find the least resonant spot.

* I'm not even going to mention bass traps at this point.
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