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Midifile players on the Ipad for Live use

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Re: Midifile players on the Ipad for Live use

Postby bluessinger45 » Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:53 pm

Great post OneWorld - couldn't agree more. I'm just moving back from live band to backing trax and appreciate that each has it's pro's and con's .
This thread has drifted somewhat "off topic" but has been highly entertaining nevertheless !
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Re: Midifile players on the Ipad for Live use

Postby IvanSC » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:27 pm

I am currently trying to streamline my old MIDI file player/module-based solo act to make life a little easier. I already use a 64gb iPad air for lyrics, setlists, etc and am now starting to convert all my self-sequenced MIDI tracks to audio tracks. I find the iPad and Ios in general to be utterly confusing and limiting. Reinstated Garage Band & its like some nasty little K-Tel toy from the 70s. What I cant seem to figure out is how you can get an iOS device lik the iPad air to play wav files, or for that matter get the wav files themselves into the bloody iPad in the first place. Everything online seems to be wanting me to put everything in an iTunes account but also says that iTunes doesnt like wav format OR mp3.

Humbly begging some guru assistance before I just say bugger it and see if its do-able on my Anfroid tablet. Hate the thought of 2 tablets though....
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Re: Midifile players on the Ipad for Live use

Postby The Elf » Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:01 pm

To get audio into and played from a iPad I use CloudBeats. I can put my audio in any cloud storage (Box, Dropbox, Mediafire, my own NAS, etc) and either stream it from there, or download it to CloudBeats so it is available when not online.

It's all very simple, and CloudBeats plays any file format I throw at it.

There are other players that work in a similar manner (I also use Evermusic, for example), but I find CB simple and straightforward.
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