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MuTools MuLab v8

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MuTools MuLab v8

Postby tommyzai » Wed May 22, 2019 7:10 pm

User Review Disclaimer: I have written hundreds of user reviews over the past decade, and I typically follow a format for structure with headings, i.e., INTRO, PROS, CONS, CONCLUSION. However, in this case, I'd like to break free of format and simply and freely express my feelings and thoughts about this fine DAW and DAWs in general.

MuLab 8.0 by MuTools represents a significant update to this inspiring DAW that boasts the features users have been begging for and dreaming about for years, e.g., Time Stretching, etc. Yeah, one could argue or ask, "What took them so long to include these features?" Well, MuTools isn't some giant money-making software corporation. It's one-man's labor of love. It just so happens that this one man is a genius programmer/musician whose resume goes back to the early days of computers. This dude is a perfectionist, who pays careful attention to detail of each code. I never met him, but I have this vision of an eccentric scientist working around the clock in some 16th-century European lab, heavily caffeinated. Whoever. .. whatever he is, he has created a fantastic DAW that is worth considering.

Most eMusicians, producers, etc. have changed DAWs as often as underwear in search of the cleanest, freshest, best feeling workstation that delivers the best results. Over and over again we read reviews, check TOP DAW polls, and each time we struggle to complete a song we consider a new setup. Years ago, in the console/reel-to-reel days, changing setups was not a practical option. Only studios could record anything of significant quality, and there was no way they would get a new million dollar board or tape deck each time something new was released. It just wasn't feasible. But now, it's within most of our budgets to get a completely new system at the click of a mouse, which has created a new problem. .. so many options. .. which do I choose and use? Which do I stick with and finally finish some tracks?

I have tried nearly every DAW ever created and wrote about many of them. There are several excellent workstations available, and I could be happy with any one of them if I didn't have knowledge about the others on the market. Most modern DAWs do all the basic stuff with equal quality, while some have a unique feature or two. There are cases where the choices are narrower, e.g., film scoring, converting to sheet music, etc. Yet, for most of us who are creating standard music of some kind/genre, the choice is not so simple because we have too many options. Which one do I choose? I believe it comes down to one simple question, "Which DAW do I enjoy launching and using?"

This is where MuLab shines!! I'll hit you with some bullet points:

    Easy to use, yet powerful.
    Now includes time-stretching algorithms that may very well be the best ever created.
    Small footprint.
    Easy on resources.
    CHEAP in comparison to others.
    Excellent video tutorials, even though some complain there is limited narration.
    Strong, supportive, enthusiastic user base.

If you haven't already demoed all the DAWs out there, I urge you to binge demo. After you come to your senses and want to finish some tracks, you just might find yourself using MuLab 8.0. This has been an underdog DAW for many years, but v8 deserves to run with the pack!!! Owooooo!!!;-).
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