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How to add richness/fullness to mixes with no low end??

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Re: How to add richness/fullness to mixes with no low end??

Postby Martin Walker » Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:53 pm

MOF wrote:
blinddrew wrote:
In the same vein, taking a part, detuning it an octave, then mixing it back in at a very low level can sometimes provide a bit of that which was lacking.

ulrichburke wrote:
I've tried doing 2 copies of the piece, one an octave lower than the other, then putting them together but that somehow don't work right unless I'm just doing it wrong? I dunno.

Just sayin' loike,

Maybe the lower part needs some low pass filter first.

This is a handy technique (we used it just yesterday, but played both parts separately an octave apart and then mixed in the lower one at a significantly lower level (and yes, I know this didn't suit the original poster)

However, there's another way to do this, and that's to turn to dedicated subharmonic plug-ins that automatically add a sub-octave contribution to your original single part. As it happens, I was looking through my selection only the other day, and found several in my plug-in collection that were very usable.

Examples include:

LF Max Punch from Voxengo (very versatile!)

BassKit and DubSub from Airwindows (free downloads!)

bx_subsynth from Plugin Alliance

There are also other related plug-ins that reinforce the low end in different ways, such as the Thump percussive harmonic synth from Metric Halo. I got this some time ago as a freebie special offer, but haven't used it in anger yet.

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