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Cookie Problems

On 26 May 2011, all countries in the European Union were required to comply with a new EU ruling that stated that any web sites using cookies to store visitor information must first obtain the consent of the visitor. In the UK, companies and web sites were given a 12-month grace period to comply with the new law, meaning that by the 26th May 2012 they had to have implemented a system to adhere to the ruling.

To comply with the EU cookie law, Sound On Sound has provided a quick and easy solution for users of the web site to enable cookies.

On first visiting the site, you should see a blue panel across the top of your screen with a pop-up asking you to agree to SOS cookies being set.

SOS website Cookie agreement panel.

It is strongly recommended you accept cookies to give you the best browsing experience using the Sound On Sound web site. Once you have clicked 'OK, I agree' the panel will disappear. Depending on how often your browser clears its cache, you may see this pop-up more regularly.

Please note: if you do not accept cookies by clicking the button, you will NOT be able to do the following actions on the web site:

  • Login is not possible.
  • Unable to purchase mail order and subscriptions from the SOS Shop.
  • Forum posting restricted to 'read-only' status.
  • Unable to submit Readers' Ads.

You should not need to make any changes to the settings on your browser or computer, however the cookie control requires JavaScript to function, so please make sure you have enabled JavaScript in your browser.

Read the SOS Cookie Policy.

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