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Controlled Circulation

Welcome to the SOS Pro User Portal

This page is for Professionals working in the music/audio industries who are registered on our Controlled Circulation list as being qualified to receive a free Digital  subscription (Web + Tablet + Full Issue PDF).

If you are not already registered, we welcome new qualified members. Please go to the NEW REGISTRATION page and submit your application for our consideration.

Access SOS Online and on your Tablet/Smartphone

If you are registered with this site, Log In at the top of any SOS web page to access your personal account.

Go to your My Account page to review/update the following:

  • Your Name, Postal Address and Email.
  • Email Newsletter preferences.
  • Password (required for Tablet+Online access).
  • Subscription status.

Forgotten your Password?

  • Forgotten Your Password? Click here
  • Don't know your registered Email address or Password? Contact us on the Subscriptions support page and tell us your name, company and address so that we can check our database and reply.

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