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Web Sub FAQ

For more detail on how to access locked web content, please see this page.

What is the Web (Digital) Subscription?

  • The SOS Web Sub is part of our 'DIGITAL' subscription service and provides exclusive online access to complete web versions of the entire editorial content of Sound On Sound, usually the day the print magazine goes on sale in the UK.
  • A Web Subscription will give you instant access to the previous 5 months of locked 'subscribers only' content, so your 12 month Digital Sub gives you a value-add bonus 5 months of back issue content — 17 months for the price of 12.

These HTML-format pages are delivered over the Internet in the English language to registered Web (Digital) subscribers, for viewing within a browser.

SOS Web pages contain the full text of the article, header photo and additional images/diagrams where published. Screen-captures and diagrams are generally shown small on the screen, for speed and convenience, but clicking on most images will open a larger more detailed view in a pop-up window (this is not always the case with our very old past articles).

Can I save/print Web articles?

Yes. You can save the website pages locally on to your hard drive and read off-line or print them for personal use only. Distribution of the saved files and printouts is strictly forbidden as is re-publication of any of the copyright work. TIP: Always select the 'Print Background' option when printing, otherwise white text out of coloured boxes may not be visible.

Downloadable PDFs

  • All Digital subscriptions (and bundles) now include a downloadable Full Issue PDF at no extra charge. More info...
  • We continue to sell single-article PDFs of the majority of articles; these look like the magazine page layouts and are downloadable — please see the BUY PDF button at the end of each article. Note: these are not included with your subscription but the monthly Full Issue PDF is (see above).

I already subscribe to the Print / Tablet edition.
How much will a Web Subscription cost me?

We streamlined our subscriptions to offer 2 basic types:

  • Digital only (which now provides Tablet/Mobile+Web+Full Issue PDF access).
  • A combined Print + Digital subscription.

How do I subscribe?

If you are already registered on this site, Log In (at the top-left of any page) then click any Subscribe link. If you do NOT have an account, please click here to visit our Registration Page and then continue to the Subscription Shop. You can pay by Credit / Debit Card or PayPal. Institutions and Libraries may elect to be invoiced.

How do I access Web Subscription articles?

You must be logged in to access the full Web Subscription features of our site. When logged in, you can move seamlessly between Public and Subscribers-Only areas of the site without realising it. Click on Magazine and select a Month/Year, or choose our top-level sections: Reviews, Techniques, People, Sound Advice and Music Business

You can LOG IN to the web site (at the top-left of any SOS page) and enter either your SOS registered Email + Password, or your Username + Password. Your username should then appear at the top of every SOS web page saying: Hello Username (in italics). If you don't see that, please Log In again (see this page).

Clicking the red MY ACCOUNT menu next to your login name gives you the option to edit things like: 

  • your Email (for logging into the whole site and SOS Tablet app sub, if you have one).
  • your login Password (for logging into the whole site and SOS Tablet app sub, if you have one).
  • see your Subscription status/expiry issue (if you are a subscriber).
  • your Postal Address (VERY IMPORTANT for Print Subs!!).
  • view Order History and download PDF invoices/receipts.
  • in DOWNLOADS: see any SOS Full Issue PDF magazines or Single-Article PDF downloads you have purchased (and re-download any).
  • choose your all-important SOS Newsletter mailing list preferences.

Just click the MAGAZINE menu for the latest issue (if you have a Digital subscription) or go to

You can access Past Issues either by browsing the different menu sections (Reviews, Techniques, People etc), using the powerful new Search function (top-right of screen) or using the Month/Year selector when on the Magazine page.

Or manually edit the URL: for example, (for June 2016) (for August 2003) and so-on.

If you forget your registered Sound On Sound MY ACCOUNT password (this also affects your SOS-bought Tablet login), a reset link can be sent to your registered Email address. Please visit:

IMPORTANT TIP: because the tablet and website logins are common to both, if you change passwords or emails on your My Account at SOS, you need to log OUT then log back in after you make a change, so it recognises you.

Last revised 03 August 2021. E&OE.