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Logos and Graphics

For any Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer or SOS reader who wishes to place links to the Sound On Sound site on your own web site, or use our logos in print/web advertisements or to accompany brief quotes from SOS reviews, here's a useful collection of web and print-ready Sound On Sound and SOS Awards logos to download.

Sound On Sound Logo

Sound On Sound Logo Black and Red

PSD - Red and Black - Package icon Download

JPG - Red and Black - Package icon Download

PSD - Red and White - Package icon Download

PNG - Red and White -Package icon Download

PSD - Black and White - Package icon Download

JPG - Black and White - Package icon Download

SOS Logo

SOS Lozenges

PDF - Red and White - Package icon Download

SOS June 2021 front cover (Essential Effects)Essential Effects 100 Plug-ins Logo

Our June 2021 issue featured a round-up of 100 plug-ins used and recommended by SOS staff and contributors. Some manufacturers asked for a logo to put on their product pages and in adverts, so here it is! Download the ZIP file and use the options provided.

Package icon


SOS Awards

SOS Awards 2022 NOMINEE logo2022 Nominee

PDF icon sosawards2022_nominee_logo_finaloutlines.pdf

Package icon

Voting for our 2022 Awards opened on 01 October and ran until 30 November 2021.

The SOS Awards results have been announced in January 2022 and published on the SOS website: click here.







(Voting concluded 30 November 2021.)

SOS Awards 2022 Winner JPEG logo

Package icon

SOS Awards Winner square/portrait logo version.

PDF icon sosawards2022_winner_square_logo_final_outlines.pdf


SOS Awards 2022 Highly Commended JPEG logo

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2021 Gear Of The Year: SOS Editors' Pick logo

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SOS Editors Pick 2021 B&W graphic logo