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EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Winds medieval Renaissance TV film video game composer sample library

EastWest launch Hollywood Fantasy Winds

The third instalment of EastWest's Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra captures the sound of a collection of historical woodwind instruments designed to suit fantasy film, TV and video game scores.

EastWest Black Friday Sale ComposerCloud+ subscription sale offer hollywood orchestra string machines forbidden planet

EastWest Black Friday sale

EastWest are currently running their Black Friday sale, offering a large saving on the award-winning ComposerCloud+ subscription service.

EastWest String Machine Oberheim OBX ARP Solina Roland RS-505 Jupiter 6 emulation sampled virtual instrument

EastWest release String Machine

EastWest's latest virtual instrument samples popular vintage string synthesizers and allows users to combine them with modern string, brass, woodwind and vocal sounds.

EastWest Summer Sale orchestral sample library virtual instrument discount offer

EastWest Summer Sale

EastWest's summer sale offers discounts of up to 60% across their entire product range, and up to 45% off of ComposerCloud subscriptions.

EastWest Forbidden Planet hybrid software synth

EastWest Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet from EastWest is a hybrid instrument that uses samples rather than oscillators for its sound sources. 


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