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EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator now available

Fantasy series gains Orchestrator tool

EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator scoring tool generate orchestral parts arrangements

With each instrument section of EastWest’s Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra series now available, the company have announced the release of Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator, a scoring tool which helps users to quickly create everything from basic arrangements to complex orchestrated parts.

Providing the same functionality as the version included with the company’s flagship orchestral library, Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition, the tool comes loaded with hundreds of customisable presets that have been created specifically for the instruments included in the Fantasy series. The tool uses EastWest’s Scoring Engine to generate material based on MIDI input, allowing users to play in their ideas and have the Orchestrator create parts that follow the incoming notes and chords. There is also a built-in mixer, which makes it possible to adjust the level, panning, EQ and effects processing of all instruments from directly within the Orchestrator interface.

Presets are organised into four categories: Ensembles, Ostinatos, Scores and User. Ensembles make it possible to quickly create orchestral arrangements that combine all of the instrument sections included in the series, with presets covering a wide variety of different groups of instruments. Ostinatos then makes quick work of programming rhythmic parts, with categories covering a range of different note lengths and time signatures. Scores allows users to choose a theme, and will generate entire arrangements based on the input, each offering a choice of variations and alternative time signatures. It is also possible to create custom presets by editing the parts contained in the existing content, or building new combinations of instruments and parts from scratch, which can be saved under the User category.


Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or above, and Macs running macOS 10.13 or later. VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats are available.

Pricing & Availability

Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator is available now, and is currently (27 October 2023) priced at $99, reduced from its full cost of $149. It can also be purchased with all of the existing instalments as a bundle for $499 (usually $995), and the Fantasy series is also included in EastWest’s ComposerCloud+ subscription.

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