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Orchestral Tools

Orchestral Tools Arkanum Drones Alexander Hacke sample library virtual instrument update

Orchestral Tools announce Arkanum

Arkanum updates Orchestral Tools' Drones library with a collection of new patches made by the experimental musican behind the original release. 

Orchestral Tools Konduit synth guitar dual-layer sample library electronic sound design

Orchestral Tools launch Konduit

Created in collaboration with Belgian techno producer and live performer Peter Van Hoesen, Konduit delivers a collection of dual-layer sounds created with modular synths and processed electric guitars and basses.

Orchestral Tools Abacus vintage children's toy instrument sample library piano ukulele music box

Orchestral Tools launch Abacus

Orchestral Tools' latest sample library captures the sound of a range of historic children’s instruments that date back to the Victorian era. 


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