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Beaufort brass library from Orchestral Tools

Captured at AIR Studios' Lyndhurst Hall

Orchestral Tools Beaufort brass solo ensemble sample library AIR Studios

The latest addition to the Orchestral Tools line-up sees the company head to the renowned Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios in London, UK to create a new brass sample library inspired by the punchy, heroic sounds of classic New Hollywood cinematic scores. Beaufort captures a range of solo and ensemble performances designed to kit composers out with a wealth of expressive, emotive sounds that complement their existing Berlin Brass and Tom Holkenborg’s Brass libraries. 

Orchestral Tools Beaufort brass solo ensemble sample library AIR StudiosBeaufort has been captured in the renowned Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios.Beafort includes solo trumpet and French horn along with ensembles of three trumpets, four French horns, three trombones, and finally a trombone and tuba for the low end. All of the solo and ensemble instruments have been captured performing multiple articulations, with the company’s SINE Player providing users with a selection of note onset/attack options. There are short notes that have been designed specifically for programming fast repeats — including a patch for automatic two-, three- and four-note repetitions — and the company say that the choice of of articulations paired with some very careful dynamics modelling make the library highly playable, and help users to create lively and compelling mock-ups that boast a rich and realistic sound. 

“All of us have been so heavily influenced by how composers like John Williams and Alan Silvestri relied on these bold, punchy brass sounds for some of the most iconic orchestral themes ever recorded. Beaufort brings that sound to the contemporary composer with a greater degree of detail, realism, and control than ever before. We’re very proud of this collection — it not only sounds great, it’s also a lot of fun to use.” - Hendrik Schwarzer CEO  of Orchestral Tools


Beaufort runs in the latest version of Orchestral Tools’ SINE Player, which is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS 10.13 and higher. VST, VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available, along with a standalone application.

Pricing & Availability

Beaufort is available now, and is being offered at an introductory price of €349 until 3 July 2024, when it will increase to €499.

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