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Sonible pure:unmask spectral processing create space separation in mix

Sonible launch pure:unmask

Sonible’s latest plug-in uses spectral processing to tackle frequency masking and help provide some separation between competing sources in a mix.

Sonible smart:EQ 4 AI-powered EQ plug-in smart:filter VST AU AAX

Sonible smart:EQ 4 now available

smart:EQ 4 is capable of applying processing across multiple tracks from a single window to quickly tackle frequency masking issues.

Sonible pure:EQ AI automatic equaliser plug-in

pure:EQ plug-in from Sonible

pure:EQ offers a straightforward approach to EQ processing, employing the company’s neural network technology to generate a filter curve tailored to the input source.

Sonible Smart:Gate AI gating plug-in

New smart:gate plug-in from Sonible

Sonible's latest AI-powered plug-in is said to be capable of differentiating between the components of a mixed signal, and can apply gating that doesn't rely entirely on the level of the source material.

Sonible Pure:Limit AI powered limiter plug-in VST3 AU AAX

pure:limit from Sonible

Sonible's latest plug-in aims to provide users with a quick and simple way to apply limiting to their source material, whilst removing the complication of adjusting multiple parameters.


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