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Two notes Audio Engineering

Two notes Genome amp cabinet effects modelling software spring reverb wah effects pedals

Two notes update Genome

The first major update for Genome adds five new Components that offer a mixture of new amp and effects pedal models.

Two notes Torpedo Captor X SE reactive load box valve tube amp attenuator cabinet simulator

Two notes introduce Torpedo Captor X SE

Two notes are celebrating their 15th anniversary with the release of a limited edition version of their popular dummy load and speaker simulator unit.

Two notes Audio Engineering Don Broco DynIR Collection Torpedo guitar bass cabinet modelling impulse response library

Two notes launch Don Broco DynIR Collection

The latest DynIR bundle for Two notes' Torpedo modelling systems contains seven guitar and bass cabinet models from the live and studio rigs of British rock band Don Broco.

Two notes Jeff Stinco Anthology amp cabinet models plug-in

Two notes Jeff Stinco cabinet collection

The latest Artist Series release from Two notes Audio Engineering features seven DynIR cabinet models for their Torpedo platform, all captured from the personal collection of Jeff Stinco.


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