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United Plugins

United Plugins Bitpunk bit-crusher swapper digital distortion effects plug-in

United Plugins / JMG Sound announce Bitpunk

Bitpunk is capable of creating a range of dramatic effects by combing bit-altering techniques such as swapping, crushing, inverting and morphing with saturation, compression and clipping. 

United Plugins Retronaut vintage modulated chorus vibrato effects plug-in

United Plugins reveal Retronaut

United Plugins' latest offering provides a range of modulated vibrato and chorus effects that aim to capture the vibe of vintage analogue processors. 

United Plugins FireMaximizer limiter clipper saturator multi-band processor plug-in X/Y pad

United Plugins announce FireMaximizer

FireMaximizer combines a clipper and saturator with two limiter modes, and allows users to blend continuously between them using an X/Y pad. 

United Plugins Mastermind automatic EQ match mastering limiter saturation stereo width plug-in

United Plugins release Mastermind

Mastermind is an all-in-one mastering plug-in equipped with EQ matching facilities, a limiter, and saturation processing.

United Plugins TrapTune pitch correction plug-in

United Plugins release TrapTune

TrapTune from United Plugins and SounDevice Digital offers an all-in-one vocal processing solution aimed at creators of hip-hop, trap, EDM, R&B and contemporary pop music.


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