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Waves BB-Tubes Beauty Beast tube valve saturation overdrive distortion analogue warmth plug-in

Waves BB-Tubes saturation plug-in

The latest saturation plug-in from Waves is equipped with two distortion sections that offer a wide range of overdriven tones and promise to help any vocal or instrument sound jump out of a mix.

Waves StudioRack VST3 plug-in chain host Pro Tools Logic

Waves StudioRack third-party VST3 support

Waves have announced that StudioRack, which hosts chains of plug-ins and provides some useful routing options, is now able to host VST3 plug-ins from any other brand. 

Waves Harmony automatic vocal harmoniser plug-in

Waves Harmony is now available

Harmony from Waves is a vocal processing plug-in that can create everything from simple harmonies to creative modulation effects. 


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